American Muslims Who Terrorize Other Muslims Must Go!

We must begin to educate the public about how millions of American Muslims are terrorizing their fellow Muslims. Many of these Muslims are Imams (Muslim clergy). All of the terrorizing Muslims must be identified and expelled from the United States!

Terrorizing Muslims In America

Our best research, currently, is that of the 9 million Muslims in the United States, 5 million of them are terrorizing Muslims. The other 4 million Muslims are their victims. This will be put to an end!

Terrorized Muslims Versus Terrorizing Muslims

We have come to the conclusion that there are millions of terrified Muslims who no longer believe in killing non-Muslims. However, they fear for their lives and the lives of their families. More important, the threats they face are real.

Therefore, we will no longer criticize all Muslims. Instead, we will talk about the terrorizing Muslims and the terrorized Muslims. In addition, we will do what we can to free the terrorized Muslims.