{NX} Responsibility Does Not Require Options

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Responsibility does not require options but it does require possibilities.  Therefore, responsibility does not require an act of choosing.  Responsibility without choosing requires navigation.

navigation: the pursuit of a possibility while alternate possibility is available for pursuit; (One does not see possibility as option but they do see it as possibility.  After pursuit of a possibility, one may then see it as a past option.)

{NX} Why Doctors Are Morally Stupid: Part II

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Medical schools, hospitals, doctors, nurses, CNA’s, etc., etc. are morally stupid because they have no clue about the existence and nature of alternate reality hullucinations; especially, eternal humiliation ARXs.

{NX} Alternate Reality Hallucinations

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alternate reality hallucination: an hallucination that encompasses your whole experience, seems like a real three-dimensional experience, and, usually but not always, lasts for only a short period of time

ARX: an alternate reality hallucination

ARX memory: memory of an ARX, which seems almost as real as the actual ARX

Both ARXs and ARX memories, depending on their content, may trigger insanely intense emotional suffering.

eternal humiliation ARX: an ARX in which you absolutely believe that you are suffering never-ending humiliation

eh-ARX: an eternal humiliation ARX

eh-ARX memory: memory of an eh-ARX

Pneumiatry Versus Psychiatry

Pneumiatry teaches you how to keep your sanity. Psychiatry teaches you nothing.

Psychiatry is actually a collection of competing groups. These groups, in effect, do not agree with each other about anything.

Pneumiatry has a 100% success rate.

Psychiatry has a 0% success rate though it has been used by the legal system to help to keep many murderous psychopaths off the streets.