CJA Launches Surprise Attacks Against Jihadist Bases

Tuesday night, June 24, 2014 the CJA (Counter Jihadist Army) launched its first series of surprise attacks against jihadist camps and bases in the United States. The targeted camps and bases were wiped out with 1,303 jihadists killed. CJA notes, “Most American Muslims are supporting these jihadists.”

USA Jihadist Destruction

US Jihadists On Rise Under Obama And Democrats

There are ten times more jihadist bases and camps in the United States since the Democrats took over the Whitehouse and Obama became president.

Camps are groups of 10 to 20 jihadists. Bases are groups of 50 to 100 jihadists.

If Obama and the federal government don’t shut down these camps and bases soon, the CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, will do it for them.