{NX} Does God Really Put People In Hell?

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Note: This article is written in the language of our culture, not the language of the King James Bible, though, of course, the language of the King James Bible is a sublime language. In our time and culture, the idea of “people” has been “virtue-ized”; that is, people are seen by most other people as essentially good. For this reason, we must answer the question of whether God really puts people in hell in a very special way.

Does God really put people in hell? We will answer this question in two parts:

First, we will address whether people are put in hell. The answer is:

No, but there are monsters that “fall”‡ into hell and these monsters are people.

Second, we will address whether God chooses to allow the monsters to fallinto hell. The answer is:

No, God does not choose to allow the monsters to “fall”‡ into hell but the monsters know that, if God does not give them “saving faith,”† they will “fall”‡ into hell.

To whom does God always give saving faith? Any monster who asks him for this faith.

†What is saving faith? Saving faith is believing the following message:

A person will experience life in heaven after death because God has promised that they will. The reason for his promise is that they have been rescued from the punishment of their sins. The means of their rescue was the suffering of the punishment by the Lord Jesus Christ in their place.


There are many who have deluded themselves into thinking they are not monsters.

Now, you may object to the idea that you are a monster but, if so, this may be because you are a baby monster and:

Babies always look harmless, even baby monsters, but baby monsters are still monsters.

Finally, to remove any doubt:

Yes, we are all born monsters.  However, we don’t become accountable until we attain a certain level of human maturity.  For most people, this happens when they are a child but some people can take longer.  To be clear, a person who has not become accountable has nothing to fear.


‡The word “fall” in quotes refers to “the effect of the virtually automatic use of the power of God by God in accordance with the predetermined rule of God.” It is, in effect, not actually, the effect of the action of “divine habit.” This action of virtual divine habit is triggered by the choice of the monsters and without prejudice or bias whatsoever, with absolute impartiality, on the part of God. God’s heart breaks every time a monster “falls” into hell. For our super technical friends, we realize that, currently, hell is actually hades (the punishment is the same). Note that nothing we have said here diminishes one iota the power and authority of God.

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Can A Christian Go To Hell? (Question Answered)

Before we begin, we want everyone to know that a Christian CANNOT go to hell.

Also, some of the language used in this article is APPROXIMATE and some of the language is SUBJECTIVE. SUBJECTIVE language reflects what a person believes to be reality and not reality.

You must first read our article Is There Pointless Suffering? (Question Answered) in order to be able to understand this article.

Can a Christian go to hell? Yes. Now, how do you reconcile that with the teaching of the Bible that a Christian cannot go to hell?

First, the hell we are speaking of is fireless hell. At one point in time, you might have a virtual mind entertaining the truth that you will go to (fireless) hell if you don’t avoid a certain situation. This truth is sickening. At another point in time, you will know that the Lord is taking care of everything.

Now, one of the truths does not, objectively, cease to be true once its virtual mind has passed. A truth that ends when its virtual mind ends is called a mental truth. This is because it is only true in the mind. A truth that objectively persists after its virtual mind has ended is called an extended truth. This is because it is true both in the mind and in the environment (the “real world”) . In the case of (fireless) hell, we are dealing with a mental truth. In the case of divine provision, we are dealing with an extended truth. Divine provision is objectively real.

Finally, all of this explains all of those sickening experiences you have had all of your life.

We pray God’s blessing upon each and every one of you.