Hamas Cowards Use Human Shields

The cowardly Hamas soldiers put women and children in front of themselves to protect themselves. These Hamas soldiers have no courage and no honor. They each deserve far worse than a bullet in the head.

Original article: Hamas Cowards Use Human Shields

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American Muslim Men Beat Their Wives

American Muslim men beat their wives ten times more often than American non-Muslim men. This from a survey of domestic violence reports in cities of 10,000 or more all across America. In addition, the beatings are triggered by more trivial things like the Muslim husband being angry because he couldn’t spend more time at his mosque because of family responsibilities. Poor Muslim men.

Even in their homes, Muslim men prove themselves cowards, bullies, and savages.

Why All Muslims Are Liars Or Stupid Or Cowards Or Insane

Muslims either don’t believe what they say they do or believe only a part of it or they believe all of it.

If they don’t believe, they are liars.

If they believe a part of it, the bad part, they are insane.

If they believe a part of it, the good part, they are stupid and/or cowards because they don’t separate from Islam and call themselves by a different name.

If they believe all of it, they are insane.