Scientific Breakthrough: E2 Science

Dr. Michael J. Bisconti is the founder of the science of empirical epistemology with over half a century of accumulated, scientific data and observations.

“E2 Science” is shorthand for “Empirical Epistemology.” What is empirical epistemology? Well, first, what is epistemology? We’ll give you Webster’s definition first then we’ll provide an easier to understand explanation:

Epistemology is the study or a theory of the nature and grounds of knowledge especially with reference to its limits and validity.

Or simply:

Epistemology is an explanation of what knowledge is and how to prove it is knowledge.

In the past, for millenia, epistemology has been provided by philosophers (thinkers). Well, in our age of science, that is not enough. Hence, we established:

Empirical Epistemology

“Empirical” means “based on experience.” Thus, empirical epistemology is:

The first scientific approach to epistemology

In other words:

We have established through scientific observation (experience) what knowledge is and how to prove it is knowledge.

Now, other researchers have been working on this as well and are prepared to take credit for our achievement. Therefore, we are copyrighting our work before we publish it. We will say this, though:

Those of you on a seemingly endless and futile quest for certainty, your search is amost over.