Muslim Wives Tortured And Tormented In America

In comparison with other things that Muslim husbands do to their wives, what you are about to read is mild.

In America, Muslim women are walking around in “body bags” with only their eyes visible. This is happening even when it is 100 degrees outside. More important, these Muslim women live in mortal fear of what their husbands will do to them if they were even the tiniest bit uncovered.

When are our politicians going to do something about this intolerable situation?

A religion that physically afflicts their wives (imagine being in a body bag when it is 100 degrees outside) or that terrorizes their wives…a religion that does these things HAS NO RIGHTS! I recently saw one of these Muslim ladies. Personally, if I weren’t a law-abiding American and a good Christian, a couple of my friends and I would meet the husband in a dark alley some night and give him a taste of his own medicine.