How To Tell If You Are A Stupid Christian

This article is intended for people who are in control of all of their faculties. If you feel like you are losing control, go and see someone, whether it be a friend, a pastor, a priest, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, etc., etc.

One way to tell if you are a stupid Christian is if you believe that the Bible contains everything you need to know about how your mind works. Now, be careful. Do not turn to psychologists, psychiatrists, and other so-called “mind healers” for knowledge of how your mind works. I am a psychologist and psychiatrist and I will tell you that these mind healers are a thousand times more stupid than the stupidest Christian.

However, among their writings, here and there, you will find some important truths. Therefore, you may consult their writings. Do not, however, go to the psychologist and psychiatrist authors themselves. This is because they are in it for the money and, more important, because they are not teachers but rather are “obfuscators.” Obfuscators deliberately make it impossible to learn. The reason they do this is that, if you knew what they know, you wouldn’t need them anymore and they would stop making money.

Now, I have spent over 50 years reading, reviewing, and studying their writings and have extracted all of the vital information that you need. In addition, my research team has, collectively, spent over 10,000 years adding to my research and my technology team has used our AI supercomputer Collosus and our Nemesis program (a next-generation statistical program) to extract over ten billion pages of critical published content from the massive libraries of behavioral science (“mental science”) writings.