{FD} Muslims post ‘Open Source Jihad’ page: hidden bombs, breach airport security, field tactics

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The Islamic state has just announced an “Open Source Jihad” page on justpaste.it to teach field tactics, breaching airport security, and make hidden bombs. They always use justpaste.it The materials appear to focus on targeting America.       Password FPMDS9Y@IOK6whvGS7DVR?LMER,QXVG*?PMYH’T:PA6-1 Download //www.gulfup.com/?vypczQ https://www.sendspace.com/file/xqkm9j //www.m5zn.com/d/?15573197 //www.up-00.com/?dRRU zokigs2_small.png for online reading Youtube Publishing Date Wednesday 2 … Continue reading