Can A Christian Go To Hell? (Question Answered)

Before we begin, we want everyone to know that a Christian CANNOT go to hell.

Also, some of the language used in this article is APPROXIMATE and some of the language is SUBJECTIVE. SUBJECTIVE language reflects what a person believes to be reality and not reality.

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Can a Christian go to hell? Yes. Now, how do you reconcile that with the teaching of the Bible that a Christian cannot go to hell?

First, the hell we are speaking of is fireless hell. At one point in time, you might have a virtual mind entertaining the truth that you will go to (fireless) hell if you don’t avoid a certain situation. This truth is sickening. At another point in time, you will know that the Lord is taking care of everything.

Now, one of the truths does not, objectively, cease to be true once its virtual mind has passed. A truth that ends when its virtual mind ends is called a mental truth. This is because it is only true in the mind. A truth that objectively persists after its virtual mind has ended is called an extended truth. This is because it is true both in the mind and in the environment (the “real world”) . In the case of (fireless) hell, we are dealing with a mental truth. In the case of divine provision, we are dealing with an extended truth. Divine provision is objectively real.

Finally, all of this explains all of those sickening experiences you have had all of your life.

We pray God’s blessing upon each and every one of you.