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The Only Way To Identify Safe Muslims

The only safe Muslims are those who have rejected the evil part of the Koran.

What is the evil part of the Koran? The Koran is divided into two parts – the Mecca part and the Medina part. The Mecca part was written while Muhammad was living in the city of Mecca and the Medina part was written later while Muhammad was living in the city of Medina. The Mecca part preaches peace and tolerance. The Medina part preaches hatred, violence, bigotry, intolerance, murder, and jihad.

Our survey of the few thousand mosques in the United States, the “Nationwide Mosque Survey,” reveals that:

There are only three mosques that use and follow only the (smaller) Mecca Koran (the good part of the full Koran).

The thousands of other mosques:

Use the (larger) full Koran and pretend to teach peace and tolerance but actually teach hatred, violence, bigotry, intolerance, murder, and jihad.

In addition:

The full Koran mosques have secretly sworn to kill every member of the three Mecca Koran mosques.

Note also that:

Our contacts in the FBI tell us that it has learned through its undercover contacts that several full Koran mosques are planning on pretending to be Mecca Koran mosques in order to further deceive the American people.

If you need additional help in identifying safe Muslims:

We have developed both tactical and strategic, foolproof methodologies for identifying safe Muslims. These methodologies were designed, in part, by some of our staff members who use to work for the FBI and CIA as well as some of the other intelligence agencies and services.

Islam’s Doctrine Of Lying

Muslims are taught from the cradle that their god Allah commands them to lie, deceive, mislead, misrepresent, pretend, put on an act, and engage in whatever form of deception is necessary to conquer, defeat, subjugate, and enslave non-Muslims.