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Does The Bible Talk About The Unconscious Mind?

Yes, the Bible talks about the unconscious mind.  For example, I John 3:19-21 says:

“(19)  And hereby we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts (unconscious minds) before him.  (20)  For if our heart (unconscious mind) condemn us, God is greater than our heart (unconscious mind), and knoweth all things.  (21)  Beloved, if our heart (unconscious mind) condemn us not, then have we confidence toward God.”

Note that the Bible talked about the unconscious mind way before Freud.

Is The Mind Governed By The Laws Of Physics?

Is the mind governed by the laws of physics?  No, of course not.  The mind is governed by the laws of the psyche, which were established by God.  For example, let us say there are two chairs in front of you and one is red and one is blue.  If we ask you to draw a picture of the blue chair, you recognize the blueness of the blue chair then draw a picture of  the blue chair.

Now, with the mind, apart from imaginations, a person cannot draw a picture of anything that occurs in their mind.  For example, let us say that you think your full name.  If we ask you to draw a picture of the thought of your last name, you draw a picture of your last name.  Now, what is it about the thought of your last name that tells you it is your last name?  The answer is nothing.  How, then, do  you know a thought of your last name is a thought of your last name?  You know this by assignmettism.  Assignmettism is an identity assigned by your unconscious mind (your unconscious mind was created by God).

Now, the unconscious mind does not consciously communicate with you.  How, then, does the unconscious mind teach you the identity of a given thought?  The answer is that the unconscious mind does not teach you the identity of a given thought.  Rather, the unconscious mind “injects” (note quotes; that is, this is functional, not literal, language) the knowledge of the identity of a given thought then enforces the knowledge of the identity of the thought.

Analysis of Muslim Mental Illness

Today, we end our collection and publication of thousands of articles about Muslim behavior worldwide.  If you wish to continue to read fresh articles about Muslim behavior worldwide visit Mad Muslims.

Now, we begin to add to our current analysis of Muslim mental illness, a deep analysis of Muslim mental illness.

CJA Talks About Political Leaders

CJA announced today that it is developing a strategy to deal with political leaders that are aiding Muslims in the free world. General Alexander Hamilton stated:

Some political leaders have blood on their hands. We may find it necessary that they pay a price for their crimes against humanity.

CJA Assassinates 19 Members Of Boko Haram Kidnappers Of 300 Schoolgirls

Just in. CJA reports that it has just assassinated 19 members of Boko Haram, the group that kidnapped the 300 schoolgirls. CJA team leader Muhammad Jones said, “We were able to obtain useful intelligence after a few hours of torture; then, we executed the godless animals.” Jones added, “We are following a trail of blood and will kill everyone who harmed the girls.”

CJA In Sweden

CJA reported today, “Yesterday, in Sweden, we executed 25 members of 3 Muslim rape gangs with a single bullet to the head.”

CJA In Great Britain

CJA said today, “While there might be good Muslims, we will kill every Muslim in Great Britain if necessary to protect the vast majority of British citizens.”

CJA And Us (Islam Out)

We (Islam Out) do not condone the vigilante activities of CJA and we enforce anti vigilante laws. However, we do recognize that CJA is just in its dealings.

CJA Will Execute American Muslim Terrorists When They Return From Iraq To America

CJA warns American Muslim terrorists:

Those Americans fighting for the enemy will be executed upon their return to the United States with a single bullet to the head.

How Long Will The War On Terror Last?

Till this day, Muslims are brought up from the cradle to hate non-Muslims. On that fact alone we project that the war on terror will last at least another 100 years.

About The Current Islamic Threat

Regarding the current Islamic threat, a couple of low-yield, tactical nuclear weapons would solve the problem.

How To Pronounce “CJA”

“CJA” can be pronounced by letter “C-J-A” or by its preferred pronunciation “see-juh.” The “h” in “juh” is silent and “juh” rhymes with “jum” in the word “jumble.”

Another way to explain the pronunciation of “see-juh” is to say that it rhymes with “See ya” as in “See ya later” where “ya” rhymes with “jum” in the word “jumble.”

CJA Launches Second Wave Of Surprise Attacks Against Jihadists

Wednesday morning, June 25, 2014 the CJA (Counter Jihadist Army) launched its second wave of surprise attacks against jihadist camps and bases in the United States. The targeted camps and bases were wiped out with 5,447 jihadists killed. CJA achieved most of its objectives with the exception of a base in New York State that received warning and evacuated before CJA teams arrived.

In addition, CJA warns that there are still about 50 smaller jihadist centers of operation scattered throughout the United States. It urges local communities, law enforcement, and state militias to locate these centers of operation and take appropriate, legal action.

CJA Launches Surprise Attacks Against Jihadist Bases

Tuesday night, June 24, 2014 the CJA (Counter Jihadist Army) launched its first series of surprise attacks against jihadist camps and bases in the United States. The targeted camps and bases were wiped out with 1,303 jihadists killed. CJA notes, “Most American Muslims are supporting these jihadists.”

USA Jihadist Destruction

CJA Updates Its Name

“CJA” used to stand for “Counter Jihad Army.”

“CJA” now stands for “Counter Jihadist Army.”

US Jihadists On Rise Under Obama And Democrats

There are ten times more jihadist bases and camps in the United States since the Democrats took over the Whitehouse and Obama became president.

Camps are groups of 10 to 20 jihadists. Bases are groups of 50 to 100 jihadists.

If Obama and the federal government don’t shut down these camps and bases soon, the CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, will do it for them.